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Vienna-Cafehouse-Music or modern sounds, interpreted by violin and piano. Tango, operetta or musicals.
Classic pieces of music, from Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert or other classical composers, your requests will be performed in a vivid and artistic way.

We assembled a well-selected couple of songs to convince you with our dedication to music.
We are looking forward to hear from you!

1. Frühlingsstimmen - Walzer (Johann Strauß) 6. Ungarischer Tanz Nr.5 (J.Brahms)
2. Salute d´Amour (E.Elgar) 7. Tango (Albeniz/Kreisler)
3. Schön Rosmarin (Fr. Kreisler) 8. Caprice Viennoice (Fr. Kreisler)

4. Walzer Nr. 2 (D.Schostakovitsch)

9. Donauwellen (I.Ivanovici)
5. Meditation (J.Massenet) 10. Träumerei (R.Schumann)

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